Buying action photos has never been easier! Recently we added Zapper as a payment option along with our 3 other existing methods in the checkout. Now digital photo shoppers are spoilt for choice when it comes to making payment.

How it works

Zapper is a popular mobile app that lets users pay by simply scanning a barcode from their smartphone. The great thing about this is the convenience of not needing to enter credit card information every time payment is made.

It works great online too. Shoppers can simply hold up their phones to scan the barcode being displayed on the screen. Or if the phone is being used to place the order the app will open automagically and ask to submit payment straight away.

Processed immediately

Like with credit cards, Zapper payments are automatically processed straight away, which means photos will be delivered within a matter of minutes. This way of paying is very intuitive to people and does feel a bit magical too. From what we've seen so far it seems that people love using it.


Note that Zapper payments are available to users on our Essential and Premium plans.