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15 May 2024 - Suline L.

"Thank you, for quick delivery of very beautiful photo's!"

13 May 2024 - Piet N.

"It was a breeze as always, thanks for the great seamless service, always a pleasure doing business with you guys and always excellent and quality photos."

10 May 2024 - Cloé E.

"I was really satisfied with your service and the photos, they are great quality and I appreciate the check- in! Thank you so much!"

4 May 2024 - Steven D.

"I received the photos, quick and easy. No problems at all. Thank you."

3 May 2024 - Tanya B.

"Very impressed – always happy with Simone’s photos J"

3 May 2024 - Kutloano M.

"I received the photos almost immediately after I made payment. There was no hassle, thank you."

3 May 2024 - Hofmeyr V.

"The photo quality and your service was great."

29 Apr 2024 - Lucille S.

"The quality of the photos and service was great."

26 Apr 2024 - Jan D.

"It was great to receive the photos so quickly."

26 Apr 2024 - Berlyn C.

"i have received my photos and I am very happy with them, the quality is excellent and your customer service has also been great! Thank you so much, I am beyond satisfied"

26 Apr 2024 - Krista J.

"I did receive all in order thankyou. Fantastic service from Photofrog"

26 Apr 2024 - Leezy T.

"I downloaded the photos, very happy with them. Love the photofrog application"

26 Apr 2024 - Deomari C.

"Very happy with my photos and services provided. Thank you"

26 Apr 2024 - Pieter T.

"I received all and the process is quick and painless!!"

26 Apr 2024 - Vannessa P.

"I am very happy with how quickly I received my images as well as the quality of the photographer."

26 Apr 2024 - Francois S.

"I am very happy with the photos and have ordered more. Thanks alot for the awesome website."

19 Apr 2024 - Anel V.

"Thank you very much! Quick and easy!"

19 Apr 2024 - Jacques H.

"I love ordering from your platform an you can also send my Congrats to NL, the two most lovely people an they always make sure to capture that special moments for us to have memories."

19 Apr 2024 - André W.

"I am really impressed. Your service is excellent and so is the photo quality. Thanks a million"

15 Apr 2024 - Kathryn S.

"Completely happy. Loved the fastness of the process. Thanks so much for checking in."

15 Apr 2024 - Piet N.

"Photo quality is perfect and the ordering was painless and super fast, had my photos in no time. Thanks for your great service!"

12 Apr 2024 - Luzaan E.

"All were received in good order and within a few minutes. Quick and easy. Very happy with the quality and level of service, thank you!"

12 Apr 2024 - Nikki S.

"I did thank you so much – worked very well – very efficient and user friendly. Incredibly happy with all the photos."

12 Apr 2024 - Mimi B.

"I have received them and downloaded and passed on to my daughter who is in Germany now, and this all happened within around 10 minutes…so thank you for our amazingly swift and pain free service : )"

7 Apr 2024 - Brooklyn M.

"I did receive the photos! I love them. The quality is top tier. The photos also came so quick. I didn’t expect it, love love love!! Thank you for everything."

7 Apr 2024 - Michelle M.

"Received all my photos thank you. They are such good action photos and special memories!!!!"

7 Apr 2024 - Geraldine C.

"I received all the photos ordered and the quality was perfect! Thank you so much for capturing amazing shots!"

5 Apr 2024 - Jessica F.

"Photo’s were great thanks. It was super easy to order and pay and the photos could be downloaded literally minutes after payment was processed. Great service, thanks."

5 Apr 2024 - Sonica J.

"I am 100% satisfied, thank you! It was a quick and easy process!"

5 Apr 2024 - Angelique E.

"Wow great service from Photofrog! The photos are absolutely perfect thank you so much!!"