Testimonial Feed.

23 Mar 2020 - Ncumisa M.

"Thank you so much, yes I did receive the photos in good condition I am happy with your service."

22 Mar 2020 - Michelle R.

"We are very happy with the photos! Good quality and delivered to my inbox very quickly. Thanks so much!"

20 Mar 2020 - Francois D.

"I was able to download everything thank you very much.  Much appreciated and thank you for the awesome service. "

20 Mar 2020 - Daniel D.

"Photos were delivered quickly and efficiently and quality was excellent. Overall a great experience especially with Zapper as a payment option. Thank you"

20 Mar 2020 - S S.

"We received the photos, thanks very much! Excellent service and quality!"

20 Mar 2020 - Ryno D.

"Second batch of photos I’ve purchased from Photofrog. Must say very impressive and great to see this service in our sport. Always nice to get an action shot or two. Good memories. Very happy with the quality. Keep up the good work"

20 Mar 2020 - Monique C.

"I did receive the photos and was very happy with the quality."

20 Mar 2020 - Tracey H.

"I have downloaded the photos. Thank you for the excellent service."

16 Mar 2020 - Grant P.

"We received the photos in good order. Service was fast and efficient. Thank you"

16 Mar 2020 - Esme C.

"Thank you very much – photos were received in a record time and in good condition. I am 100% satisfied!"

16 Mar 2020 - Jacqueline L.

"I received my photos in good order thank you. Very impressed with the service."

13 Mar 2020 - Linda M.

"We received the photos quickly and could download them in good quality. Thank you for your quick service"

13 Mar 2020 - Nivea S.

"I managed to download them quick and easy they are awesome."

13 Mar 2020 - Diana C.

"All perfect! Thanks for a quick and easy to use platform!"

13 Mar 2020 - Linette V.

"I received the photos straight after payment and downloaded them already. Thank you for a quick and easy platform to get fotos. Andre's photos are of very high quality."

13 Mar 2020 - Helen T.

"Many thanks, I received my photo’s in good time. I am very pleased with the quality."

9 Mar 2020 - Mark H.

"All photos received in good order and in very good time-Excellent service"

9 Mar 2020 - Janine B.

"Thank you for the photos they are stunning"

8 Mar 2020 - Alet P.

"I'm very happy with the photo's quality and how good and fast the service was."

6 Mar 2020 - Yvette D.

"Super easy site to use. Got all my photos in under 15 minutes. Could download on both mobile and desktop with ease. Thank you for the follow up."

6 Mar 2020 - Durandt P.

"This online platform is really amazing and would recommend it to any photographer. It makes life for the consumer so much easier. Thanks a lot!"

6 Mar 2020 - Jorja W.

"Thank you! Wonderful service!"

6 Mar 2020 - Victoria F.

"I received all my pictures thank you so much! I would like to say thank you for the beautiful photos and I am really impressed at the quality and how quickly they were available for purchase and download!"

6 Mar 2020 - Riaan B.

"Photo selection were easy, order could be placed and was processed quickly and photos downloaded as per my expectations. All in all, I’m happy with the photos received."

1 Mar 2020 - Rene S.

"I did receive the photos and am impressed with the print quality and your level of service. Keep it up."

28 Feb 2020 - Kelly M.

"I did receive the photos I ordered and downloaded without a problem. The quality of the photos is beautiful. Thank you for making photo ordering such an easy, quick and painless exercise!"

21 Feb 2020 - Arthi S.

"I have received my order. Thank you for your speedy delivery. The photographs look awesome. Look forward to using your services in the future."

21 Feb 2020 - Kwadwo A.

"I have received the photos and I am very impress with the quality of the pictures. I am also very impressed with the service and turnaround time of Photofrog."

21 Feb 2020 - Myron K.

"All good thanks. Photos were perfect and service was extraordinary"

21 Feb 2020 - Francois N.

"Great service. Got my pics. Thanks."