Live Testimonial Feed.

We follow up with every customer. This is what they have to say...

15 Oct 2018 - Anel E.

"Thank you so much for the follow up :) Yes I did get my photo in good order. No complaints at all. Definitely a quick and painless experience."

11 Oct 2018 - Cindi M.

"Thank you for your follow-up mail – excellent customer service, thank you. Yes, I have received the photo I ordered and all is in good order – no complaints."

11 Oct 2018 - Connie D.

"Thank you for your e-mail. Yes, I have downloaded the photos successfully and they are lovely. Great to have a quick and easy service and receive photos at the click of a button."

10 Oct 2018 - Debbie C.

"thank you very much for your email. I have received and downloaded pictures. Fantastic service. Well done !"

10 Oct 2018 - Suzette D.

"Thanks for the follow up email. I received my digital photo order and are very happy with the photos and the quality of the images. I must compliment Photofrog on the quick and easy ordering as well as delivering process of my order."

10 Oct 2018 - Michelle P.

"I was quite impressed with the speed and quality of your service. Thank you for making this process so simple."

9 Oct 2018 - Adele V.

"All in order – very impressed with your professional service. Thank you"

5 Oct 2018 - Lauren V.

"Yes I did receive my photos thank you. I was very happy with the quality and the pictures themselves. Thank you for your super quick printing of them.  I will definitely be ordering more from you when you take at the events that I go to."

5 Oct 2018 - Matt L.

"Thank you for the follow-up. I managed to download the photos yes. The whole process was indeed quick and really simple - compliments for that !"

5 Oct 2018 - Nokuthula Maseko N.

"Yes I received the photos last Friday already. Thanks so much for the follow up, really appreciate the service and the photos look beautiful, excellent quality indeed."

5 Oct 2018 - Kerry M.

"Even if this is automated what a lovely email! I am 100% satisfied thank you. Thank you for making the photos a reasonable price to so that less fortunate can also afford them. Can't you guys take over from Jetline and be at the bigger events? So many people lose out as they cannot afford R70 for a photo. Keep it up!"

4 Oct 2018 - Johan V.

"Thank you very much, I received the photos in good order. Ordering the photos online was also an easy and comfortable process. Thanks for the excellent service."

4 Oct 2018 - Cilliers E.

"I did, thank you very much! I am very impressed with the pictures and also the ordering of them. It takes literally a few minutes and then it’s sent to me. Thank you very much."

3 Oct 2018 - Dawn M.

"Thank you, I have no complaints whatsoever. I'm very impressed with the photos and the quick and easy way to order. The cost is affordable which is an absolute pleasure and I got my photos immediately. Keep up the excellent work."

3 Oct 2018 - Francois P.

"The process was easy and photo quality is excellent. Thank you."

3 Oct 2018 - Wilbur B.

"I’m really impressed with your service and turn around time. The ordering process is painless and user friendly. Your prices are very good! Will definitely keep ordering 😊"

3 Oct 2018 - Johan V.

"100% satisfied. Thanks for superb service!"

2 Oct 2018 - Brad C.

"Thank you for your email and follow up. Everything went smoothly. Look forward to using Photo Frog again."

2 Oct 2018 - Alysha J.

"100% satisfied... and impressed by the fast service. Even more impressed by the follow up email."

2 Oct 2018 - Melinda J.

"Ive received my pictures! Thank you very much for the fast and great service! Its great to be able to afford the pictures. Finally we can keep the memories. My pictures are perfect! I am 200% satisfied. Thanks again!"

1 Oct 2018 - Mandy D.

"Thank you so much for fantastic customer service and great pics. We are very impressed with the photographer who captured so many awesome moments during the race. Highly recommended."

28 Sep 2018 - Steven R.

"Thank you very much. I did recieve the photo in perfect order. Your service is of a very high quality."

28 Sep 2018 - Michell Z.

"Yes, received fotos all in good order. Impressed with quick service."

27 Sep 2018 - Elizabeth B.

"Great quality and could download seconds after paid. Thank you"

26 Sep 2018 - Mickey L.

"Yes I received the photo's and couldn't be more happy! It was quick and easy. Thank you"

26 Sep 2018 - Neil S.

"Fantastic and fast! And so affordable! All I can say is, WOW!! Thanks guys for the amazing service!"

26 Sep 2018 - Anita S.

"Thank you Everything is soooooo beautiful!! Super impressed"

25 Sep 2018 - Stephen B.

"All is well and your service was super. Thanks."

25 Sep 2018 - Reinhard H.

"Worked like a charm. No sooner had I paid by CC the pic was in my inbox. Great service. Thank you"

25 Sep 2018 - Lizette V.

"Thank you very much, I did receive the photos in good order. I was quite surprised that it was sent so promptly. Thank you very much!"