Live Testimonial Feed.

We follow up with every customer. This is what they have to say...

25 Apr 2019 - Lydia M.

"I did receive them. Thank you for awesome and quick service."

24 Apr 2019 - Hayley W.

"What a nice surprise. I did not expect to get an email like this. I have received my photos and downloaded them. I am really happy. The process was quick and easy and your service is great!"

24 Apr 2019 - Daena V.

"I did receive them and they’re super ! Thanks so much for the quick service."

24 Apr 2019 - Elsie S.

"Yes, I received the images almost straight away! Thanks so much!"

24 Apr 2019 - De Wet V.

"Yes I received the photos in good order. Was really quick and easy to download and I especially liked the email function. Thanks for the good service."

24 Apr 2019 - Jackie K.

"Thank you, I did manage to download the photos. Easy and super fast service. Paid via EFT and still was able to download within a few minutes."

23 Apr 2019 - Kyla B.

"Yes I received my photos and they are lovely, thank you so much! It really is the most fantastic, quick way to receive the photos, thank you!"

23 Apr 2019 - Graham W.

"Thanks very much for the follow-up ! Absolutely no problems at all! What an easy, quick and painless process it is. Well done!"

22 Apr 2019 - Camilla B.

"I did manage to download the photos and the quality is superb. It is quick and efficient, so well done!"

22 Apr 2019 - Natasha G.

"thank you for the photos they are stunning! Very satisfied with them, once again thanks!!"

21 Apr 2019 - Gizelle G.

"Thank you so much for the mail. Awesome online photo ordering. Photos were perfect. Quick and easy. All received in good order. Thank you again."

18 Apr 2019 - Vanessa R.

"Yes thank you. I did manage to download the pictures. Thank you for the wonderful service. It was very easy."

17 Apr 2019 - Lisa M.

"I have received my photos and I am very impressed! Thank you kindly and keep up the good work!!"

17 Apr 2019 - Nericha P.

"Quick and awesome service thank you ♡"

16 Apr 2019 - Gladys H.

"I have received them in great order thank you very much I am super happy with them downloaded them and they look amazing. Have a great day and thanks for the great service"

14 Apr 2019 - Francesca S.

"I did receive my photo- thank you! The quality was perfect and delivery was super quick. I was very impressed."

11 Apr 2019 - Tumi M.

"Thank you so much, we love the photos. And, the quality is of high standard. I thank you, even for the service."

8 Apr 2019 - Reginald G.

"I received my package, yes and I was impressed with the content quality level of packaging and service. Keep that up!"

7 Apr 2019 - Tarquin M.

"Yes, everything worked like a charm. Your website is very professional and it is very intuitive to navigate and to find and select your pictures. I was impressed how quickly the pictures of the race were uploaded and the download link was sent immediately. Downloading the pictures was completely smooth, too."

6 Apr 2019 - Craig M.

"Thank you for your email, yes we did receive them! Your service and the photos are excellent!"

5 Apr 2019 - Chris V.

"Yes, photos received in good order. The quality is superb and the service was excellent - thank you so much!"

4 Apr 2019 - Bridget D.

"Yes I received the photos and they look absolutely amazing! I'm very very happy with them and the delivery was nice and quick."

3 Apr 2019 - Victor M.

"Thanks for the email. I am extremely happy with the service. It is the best service ever starting from the notification about photos, the process to order and download. All these processes are quick and efficient. As for the photos, they are of great quality and I am happy. Thanks a lot."

2 Apr 2019 - Deon P.

"I did receive them in excellent order thanks J I was really impressed with your service. The way that you’ve set it up makes it very easy to find and order photos, and the purchasing and delivery process was quick and easy. It was a pleasure dealing with Photo Frog. Thank you and well done."

1 Apr 2019 - Jantjie B.

"All good, thank you for your excellent service. Will most certainly make use of you and your team again. 100% satisfied client."

29 Mar 2019 - Togieda B.

"I received the mail with the photos and are very satisfied with the photos. Thank you very much for taking these pictures and offering them to me at such a reasonable and affordable price. Thank you once again for the awesome service."

28 Mar 2019 - Kelly O.

"The photos are stunning, they were downloaded easily and the service was outstanding."

28 Mar 2019 - Chris H.

"Downloaded and saved without any issue – great service, simple to use and very efficient."

27 Mar 2019 - Chatan H.

"It was super efficient and easy to use! Really impressed with the service. So thank you"

27 Mar 2019 - Robyn B.

"Yes, I have received them, thank you. I am very happy with them and very impressed at how quickly I got them, thank you."