Live Testimonial Feed.

We follow up with every customer. This is what they have to say...

11 Jun 2019 - Mache K.

"Thank you very much service and the photos are great! And I received them really quickly :)"

11 Jun 2019 - Nicky S.

"I did receive the photos thankyou, very impressed with easy to follow the download link. Thankyou😊"

11 Jun 2019 - Theresa S.

"Thank you very much. Yes the quality is perfect – and it was so easy to order. I appreciate it."

7 Jun 2019 - Janine V.

"Thank you for the follow up. I have received my photos in a perfect condition! I am very pleased with the service I received!"

4 Jun 2019 - Donna C.

"Yes I did receive them in good order thanks and I was very impressed with how quick the whole process took too."

3 Jun 2019 - Twanette O.

"I did receive the photos in perfect condition. Also the process was really quick and easy. Very impressed with the service and quality of photos. Thanks very much"

3 Jun 2019 - Chloé B.

"I am incredibly happy with my photos and how quickly they were delivered to me. Thank you so much! Keep up the great work"

3 Jun 2019 - Laurisha L.

"I’m happy with the quality and service. I was really impressed with this way of ordering photos."

3 Jun 2019 - Kerry R.

"Received all of my photos very quickly and painlessly. Thank u for the great service!"

3 Jun 2019 - Anneke V.

"Yess I got them and am super super happy!! Thank you so much"

2 Jun 2019 - Dania B.

"I have received the photos in good order. It was delivered amazingly fast. Thank you."

1 Jun 2019 - Annelize M.

"Yes thank you. We received our order. Thank you for fast and good service. The system was easy to use, there was good feedback in place and this email wraps it up as a total professional service. Would recommend it to any one!"

31 May 2019 - Jana S.

"I managed to download the photos with ease! Thank you so much for responding to my other email so quickly. The photos are amazing!"

31 May 2019 - Kelly C.

"Yes I have downloaded my photos. I have bought a few through photofrog and I am always happy with how easy it is. Thank you very much."

30 May 2019 - Bernadette C.

"Very very happy the pics awesome and the service excellent"

29 May 2019 - Elra G.

"Thank you, I was able to download the photos successfully. Very happy with the service received and the stunning pictures taken!"

29 May 2019 - Luzette S.

"Yes, thank you so much. I managed to download my photos and I am very happy with them. It was so easy an quick, I was very impressed."

28 May 2019 - Serranne M.

"I did receive them thank you, always happy to purchase through Photo Frog, it’s so easy and quick. Many thanks"

28 May 2019 - Stephanie L.

"Everything was great Really easy From the choice direct to a basket to payment. Many thanks"

28 May 2019 - Kathy B.

"Fantastic service, completely seamless."

27 May 2019 - Dirk V.

"Thanks, I am perfectly happy with the process. Everything from ordering, payment and receiving the downloads was effortless."

27 May 2019 - Chanelle S.

"very happy got my photos instantly!! Great service!!"

21 May 2019 - Tacita G.

"Thanks so much!  All successfully downloaded and am very happy! Service was fantastic and the photographer is amazing. Thanks again,"

21 May 2019 - Lehlohonolo T.

"Thank you so much, your service is excellent. I received the photos with no hassle."

21 May 2019 - Victoria B.

"I managed to download the photos from the email that was sent to me within 2min of purchasing. Very impressed with not only the quality of the photos, bearing in mind I ordered the smalls.. But also the efficiency of it all. Well done!"

20 May 2019 - Martin D.

"Thanks for the e mail and follow-up-highly appreciated. Yes-thank you- I did receive the photos within a short lead time from placing the order, and the quality is excellent. Thanks for the good service"

20 May 2019 - Jessica H.

"Thank you so much for your concern, but I have no complaints, the photos were amazing and the methods of purchasing and downloading them were efficient and satisfactory. Your business is excellent and I really appreciate your time and efforts to ask for my feedback. Xx"

20 May 2019 - Greg W.

"What a simple and effortless way to purchase. The quality looks fantastic thanks"

20 May 2019 - Janine N.

"Yes I have received them and the quality is very good. Thank you for a very good service😊"

17 May 2019 - Stephen O.

"Great photos and easy to view, order and download. It certainly freed me up to watch the various disciplines of the pentathlon competition instead of worrying about trying to get some nice photos as well."