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We follow up with every customer. This is what they have to say...

26 Nov 2023 - Marlize O.

"I have received several photos from photofrog for all 3 my kids, from different events and different photographers, and from different cities, and to be truly honest, I cannot complain about any photo's, photographers or especially the site photofrog. It was extremely good service from the photos you took, to picking the photos I wanted, payment, to using the site to download my photos. Thank you again for excellent service"

24 Nov 2023 - Liezl G.

"Ek is meer as tevrede met julle diens! Die fotos is puik! Kwaliteit is perfek! Ek sien tot die klippies onder die wiel wat opspring van die grond af! Baie dankie dat julle die spesiale oomblikke van ons geliefdes so mooi opvang!"

10 Nov 2023 - Iviwe N.

"I received the photos in great condition and the payment process made things all the more easier. Compliments on the efficiency of your system. I could honestly ramble for hours about how impressive it actually is. The attention to detail most certainly stands out. And the emphasize on time.👏 And thank you for capturing an important part of my life."

24 Nov 2023 - Herman V.

"Thanks for following up. All images were received in good order. Happy with the service delivered. Good image quality."

24 Nov 2023 - Tracy S.

"They came through immediately. I was delighted."

24 Nov 2023 - Nicole L.

"I received my pictures within an hour of ordering…I cannot be happier with the quality of the pictures and the service of the website. I really am so very happy with my gorgeous photos!! Thank you so much for checking up!"

17 Nov 2023 - Nicky F.

"I received my photos super quickly after ordering and I have no complaints of the quality. Thank you for following up!"

17 Nov 2023 - Esthea C.

"Wonderful speedy service :-)"

17 Nov 2023 - Kim C.

"I received the photos immediately and was very happy with them, thank you. Photofrog was very user-friendly and efficient. I have absolutely no complaints!"

10 Nov 2023 - Ronel W.

"I found the process very easy and efficient. The payment process was also very quick as well as the receiving the link to download the photos. Thank you I have been able to download the photos and very happy with the quality."

10 Nov 2023 - Martie V.

"Thank you, I downloaded the photos with no problems."

10 Nov 2023 - Belinda V.

"I received the photos. I really loved them. Your service was great and the instructions to download the photos was easy."

4 Nov 2023 - Jacques S.

"The service and efficiency was brilliant."

3 Nov 2023 - Dante D.

"I am very happy with the quality of the photos as well as the service. Quick, efficient and reasonable."

3 Nov 2023 - Kristina B.

"Thank you for the follow up. Photos were perfect, all downloaded. The app was easy to use. Thank you. Service rating 10/10 :)"

3 Nov 2023 - Joseph M.

"I am a happy client always ☺️"

3 Nov 2023 - Ankya V.

"I am super satisfied with the quality of the photos, as well as the quick online ordering process. I also love the fact that we didn't have just 1 or 2 photo's which was taken of me and my hubby, but 10+ altogether which we could have chosen from."

28 Oct 2023 - Chanelle B.

"I'm very happy. Got my photo's faster than I expected."

27 Oct 2023 - Pieter K.

"I'm very impressed with both the quality of the photos from SMacPix and the seamless service provided by Photofrog. It truly was a hassle-free experience. Thank you for your dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. I'll certainly recommend Photofrog to friends and family."

27 Oct 2023 - Ayanda F.

"I received my high quality photos. Your service is excellent!"

27 Oct 2023 - Joshua S.

"I was really satisfied will all my pictures I received. Super high quality and was delivered on time."

20 Oct 2023 - Antonetta M.

"I am very impressed on the speed of receiving the download. The quality of the photos was excellent."

13 Oct 2023 - Samantha W.

"I was very happy. I received the photos very quickly and efficiently."

13 Oct 2023 - Hayley O.

"Amazing photos & great service!!"

6 Oct 2023 - Mika S.

"I was really impressed by the quality along with the delivery speed."

6 Oct 2023 - Kim E.

"Quick service. Photos are amazing."

29 Sep 2023 - Janicke V.

"Great service and photos, easy process and received almost immediately."

29 Sep 2023 - Mauro B.

"All good, fantastic service."

29 Sep 2023 - Ingrid L.

"I’m definitely inpressed. Thank you for great service!"

29 Sep 2023 - Bronwyn M.

"We were very happy with the service. It was very efficient and professional, so thanks for that! We were also happy with the actual photos, so the whole process was great all round, from ordering to delivery."