Live Testimonial Feed.

We follow up with every customer. This is what they have to say...

21 Jun 2024 - Karina V.

"Excellent Service thank you"

21 Jun 2024 - Elmari H.

"Thank you for following up. I am thrilled with the photo's. They are beautiful. I can honestly say your service is also impeccable Thank you for capturing our precious memories."

14 Jun 2024 - Samantha F.

"All perfect. thank you so so much appreciate it and the fast service"

14 Jun 2024 - Riaan D.

"Great quality...great service Thank you!"

14 Jun 2024 - Erin R.

"The service was fantastic. Quick and easy to use and the photo quality was excellent."

14 Jun 2024 - Margot V.

"Loved the quick, effective and easy service. Thank you!"

7 Jun 2024 - Eloise V.

"Thank you for following up. I am very happy with the photos, and impressed on how fast and easy it was to order and receive. Compliments to your team !!!"

1 Jun 2024 - Ashlea P.

"Was definitely one of the easiest experiences I have had when ordering and receiving photos via online. Yes I was able to download the photos I ordered without any hassles and in perfect condition. I am 100% satisfied with the pictures I have received and with the overall experience with Photofrog."

31 May 2024 - Lara C.

"I was very happy with your service and the photos I received. Thank you very much."

31 May 2024 - Lee-ann G.

"200% happy, thank you for awesome photo's :)"

31 May 2024 - Sarel K.

"Yes downloaded successfully and it is good quality and I am happy with it. Even following up, Service Excellence !!!"

24 May 2024 - Corolene C.

"Very good service. Received high quality photos within 5 minutes. Thank you"

24 May 2024 - Rhona N.

"I am very happy with the service, we received and downloaded all photos we ordered, they were all in good quality and it was very fast - I am very impressed as the first batch we ordered were from an event that same day and the next batch we ordered was from an event in October last year, both were emailed within minutes! Thank you for the speedy service!!"

24 May 2024 - Zane S.

"The Photofrog system worked very well, I’m happy!"

24 May 2024 - Marilise P.

"Super happy, downloaded all the images thank you 😊"

24 May 2024 - Anchen B.

"Thank you very much. Received the pics within 5 minutes of placing the order. They look great! Are planning on printing them in the week."

24 May 2024 - Judy L.

"Thank you very much for the photo’s, we as parents are really appreciative when our children are captured in action doing what they love."

24 May 2024 - Michelle V.

"I am very happy with the photos and the service."

24 May 2024 - Dewet D.

"No problems with my order, perfect quality, and hassle-free process via the platform."

24 May 2024 - Alta K.

"It was very easy.. And Fast responses..Thank you"

24 May 2024 - Ronel J.

"I was definitely impressed – thank you so much 👍"

24 May 2024 - Deon N.

"I was able to download my ordered photos nearly immediately. Thanks."

24 May 2024 - Lydia V.

"I received everything perfectly, and I am very satisfied with the quality and service, thanks so much!"

24 May 2024 - Madelaine H.

"Always very happy with the service."

24 May 2024 - Monique B.

"Thanks - excellent platform, well done!!!!"

24 May 2024 - Angie G.

"I have received all my photos perfect everytime, thank you so much. It is lovely to see the quality of your work and that you reach out i do appreciate it."

24 May 2024 - Cilla H.

"I received the digital photos and they were perfect. Thank you very much for the excellent service."

15 May 2024 - Suline L.

"Thank you, for quick delivery of very beautiful photo's!"

13 May 2024 - Piet N.

"It was a breeze as always, thanks for the great seamless service, always a pleasure doing business with you guys and always excellent and quality photos."

10 May 2024 - Cloé E.

"I was really satisfied with your service and the photos, they are great quality and I appreciate the check- in! Thank you so much!"