Live Testimonial Feed.

We follow up with every customer. This is what they have to say...

12 Aug 2022 - Carmen O.

"I had no issues with the photos. It was sent via email very quickly, the downloading process was easy and the quality was good! It’s very user friendly and simple to get your photos."

12 Aug 2022 - Stacey P.

"It was my first time using photo frog and the experience was great! Effortless and painless 😊 Thank you for a great service!!"

12 Aug 2022 - San-mari B.

"I received and downloaded my photos with ease and they are good quality. Thank you!"

12 Aug 2022 - Philip B.

"Die diens was perfek. Vinnig, website/bestelling proses vriendelik, betaling maklik. Foto kwaliteit perfek dankie."

12 Aug 2022 - Brian S.

"I thought the process was slick and simple. Received my photos - very happy!"

5 Aug 2022 - Anita T.

"Thank you! Very impressed with your service!"

5 Aug 2022 - Tanya V.

"I order Charmaine’s photo’s quite often – and your platform is quick and easy to use. Once paid, the photo’s are ready for download within about 5 mins. Really impressed at how easy it is to use. Thank You."

5 Aug 2022 - Soné B.

"I did receive the photos and I LOVE THEM!! I got so excited I forgot to thank you guys. Thanks for the easy and amazing website."

5 Aug 2022 - Sam W.

"Thanks so much! Quick and easy with no hassels! Great service!"

5 Aug 2022 - Vicky V.

"The process was quick and easy!"

5 Aug 2022 - Waldo D.

"I’m very happy thank you for your excellent services!"

5 Aug 2022 - Yolanda S.

"I was very satisfied. Thank you so much for this great service."

5 Aug 2022 - Chantre S.

"I received my photos in good order and quality. We are so blessed with Charmaine capturing all these awesome memories for our boys. I’m definitely 100 % satisfied with your great service."

5 Aug 2022 - Belinda N.

"Baie dankie, alles is perfek en maklike proses, ☺ Wel gedaan!"

4 Aug 2022 - Lizelle H.

"I am happy with the service and received all my photos. Great platform."

2 Aug 2022 - Miranda V.

"I received the photos and they are in good order and lovely thank you. I was very impressed with the quick and painless ordering system and the quality of the pictures."

30 Jul 2022 - Bernard V.

"Julle diens is puik."

29 Jul 2022 - San-louise K.

"I was an effortless experience. Thank you"

29 Jul 2022 - Celeste C.

"It was so easy and the photo's were great quality. Thank you."

29 Jul 2022 - Patty F.

"I'm super happy and will definitely order again."

29 Jul 2022 - Ptiscilla G.

"Thanks very much all photos downloaded and received 👍🏻 Thanks for the easy and seamless process."

29 Jul 2022 - Robyn O.

"The photos are great and I am happy with the service :)"

29 Jul 2022 - Nina G.

"Your service was amazing and I did receive all photos and they are of great quality. Thanks again for your speedy service."

29 Jul 2022 - Yolandi V.

"I love Photofrog. It went hectic the past months. And could only attend to the photos this week. And I am so glad I could still access it. Thank you"

29 Jul 2022 - Annelize H.

"Awesome pictures and fantastic service!!!! Well done."

29 Jul 2022 - Melissa G.

"Awesome from beginning to end. Thank you! 😊"

24 Jul 2022 - Claire T.

"Thank you for quick service. Very happy!!"

23 Jul 2022 - Tanya D.

"I am happy with the photos, the quality, and the service of Photofrog. It was quick and easy to use, eventhough it was my first time buying photo's. Thank you!"

22 Jul 2022 - Sylvia K.

"I ordered as soon as they were up and received them within a few minutes. Truly such a pleasure, easy to use platform and great shots and such a professional team. Many thanks"

22 Jul 2022 - Laura M.

"I'm really impressed with the photo's and how quickly everything was processed. The ordering process was really easy, numerous payment options with the expected process time made it super convenient and all the links worked! I went for the cheapest option but the quality still exceeded my expectations. 5 stars all around."