Live Testimonial Feed.

We follow up with every customer. This is what they have to say...

22 Apr 2018 - Willem V.

"Good Morning, everything is 100% right and I'm very impressed with the service and quality! 10 out of 10 for you !"

20 Apr 2018 - Alta M.

"Thank you for your e-mail. Yes I have received my photos, and very happy with them. Must tell you, I am really impress with your customer service, specially after delivery. Keep it up, you don't find customer service these days, at any business. Hats off to your guys."

20 Apr 2018 - Aneldi V.

"Thank you for following up. I was very happy with the service, and downloaded my photographs easily and quickly, with no issues. The buying process was also clear and easy to complete and very user friendly. Photographs came out great and excellent quality. This was my first time buying photographs, and I was a bit nervous with the process, however I had a great first experience and was 100% satisfied. I also really appreciate the following up after purchase, that is rather rare!"

15 Apr 2018 - Robert W.

"All photos received in good order, thanks. Service was excellent, well done."

13 Apr 2018 - Nettie R.

"Thanks for the absolute high quality photos not to mentioned the action captured. Thanks a million."

12 Apr 2018 - Urika L.

"Thank you for excellent service and high quality photos. Much appreciated."

12 Apr 2018 - Mornay B.

"Excellent service! Beautiful photos!! No complaints!!!"

10 Apr 2018 - Carene C.

"Thanks I did download them- beautiful. I’ll try and get them printed this weekend. Amazing website and fast and wonderful service – I’m truly impressed 😊 Thanks a lot"

9 Apr 2018 - Theoma M.

"i just received my delivery. Many thanks!! the photos is stunning. i love it thank you very much"

6 Apr 2018 - Van Der Watt R.

"Perfect, thank you for the great service and most beautiful photos."

3 Apr 2018 - Mervyn C.

"Thanks, I am happy with the photos and was impressed with the ease of the process"

1 Apr 2018 - Chanelle B.

"I was very impressed with the photos. It was the first time I have ever ordered from you and it most certainly won't be the last. Your service was fantastic, the ordering easy and simple and the downloading quick. Thank you for getting my photos to me and once again, thank you for your amazing service."

29 Mar 2018 - René G.

"Thank you very much I received my photos and they are beautiful!. I’m very happy."

24 Mar 2018 - Jessica A.

"I did receive my photo in very good quality thank you. Also very impressed with the service as I received it quite quick. Will definitely be ordering from you again."

17 Mar 2018 - Don K.

"Thank you for the follow up, I got my photos, the Service and Quality is WorldClass! Well done!"

13 Mar 2018 - Willene F.

"I did so so much. What awesome service you guys deliver. Wow. Really impress. From the minute I got in touch with you to the very last minute. Thank for that. It's awesome doing business with companies like you."

13 Mar 2018 - Tracy P.

"Yes thank you I received them in good order. I am so impressed by the service I have received from Photo Frog. I appreciate it. I am 100% satisfied J Thank you very much."

13 Mar 2018 - Juan S.

"Photos are 110% perfect !! You guys are awsome!"

12 Mar 2018 - Martie B.

"Your service and delivery were excellent. Thanks so much"

11 Mar 2018 - Eldrich D.

"Thanx a lot.....I received them....I am very impressed with your service...."

9 Mar 2018 - Beatrice H.

"Thank you so much, Yes there was no problems at all downloading the photo's and the quality is great. Also it was a very quick and painless process so well done :) Will use it again."

5 Mar 2018 - Jana B.

"I received the photos, they're stunning thank you."

4 Mar 2018 - Earl W.

"I received the order thank you. Quick delivery and great quality print. Thank you very much"

4 Mar 2018 - Cheylene K.

"Yes, I received both photos that I ordered, and they were perfect! I'm really impressed with the quality and service, and will definitely order more in future!"

3 Mar 2018 - Nolita T.

"Thank you very much for excellent service! I am very impressed with great and service!! Will definitely recommend and use you again!"

28 Feb 2018 - Ferdinand D.

"Excellent service and hassle free process! Thank You!"

28 Feb 2018 - Melissa S.

"Thanks so much! I received my photos in good timing (I was surprised I didn’t have to wait for office hours!) I’m really happy with my photos, thank you very much!"

27 Feb 2018 - Chere D.

"I did get my pics and they are stunning. Always a pleasure to order through Photofrog 😊"

25 Feb 2018 - Gregory D.

"Thank you for your email. We have received the photographs, thank you very much. The quality of the photo’s, as well as our experience with your delivery system are very good, and I specifically appreciate your follow up mail."

25 Feb 2018 - Miranda O.

"Thank you very much for such speedy service! Awesome photo’s."