Live Testimonial Feed.

We follow up with every customer. This is what they have to say...

22 Jun 2018 - Vesta L.

"I have received my photos. Thank you so much Awesome service"

22 Jun 2018 - Jan-willem H.

"Thank you very much for your email, and I want to compliment you on your professional and friendly service! Really, I am most impressed! I downloaded the pictures yesterday, and am very impressed with the quality and good resolution."

21 Jun 2018 - Stephen L.

"The ordering and downloading process was quick, easy and hassle free, thank you. I had the pics within a minute or two of ordering."

21 Jun 2018 - Cielie F.

"Thank you so much for the photos I love it! It is gorgeous, love your quick service and the photos"

20 Jun 2018 - Tracy G.

"Everything worked perfectly and very user friendly and quick. (first time user) Very impressed! Thank-you.."

20 Jun 2018 - Catherine S.

"I am very satisfied with my photos i received and the quality. Came way quicker than i expected. Couldnt be happier. Thanks so much for the excellent service."

19 Jun 2018 - Suzaan J.

"Thank you so much for your quick service. Love the quality of the photos"

18 Jun 2018 - Hannes G.

"We received the photos thank you. The quality was brilliant, the photos was delivered to my inbox when you said it would be, the payment process was painless – it was an absolutely pleasant experience dealing with Photofrog. Thank you, keep up the good work"

17 Jun 2018 - Josh D.

"No problems with the download at all. Pictures are great and the service was fantastic. Thanks very much."

14 Jun 2018 - Lovemore S.

"Absolutely I managed to download them and they are fantastic! Thanks for the great memories and your service rocks! I paid by EFT and expected to get them this week but got them almost immediately."

13 Jun 2018 - Vanessa M.

"Thank you very much for your speedy action and fabulous service delivery. I received the refund in my account this morning. It is so nice to deal with a company that really takes care of its customers."

13 Jun 2018 - Jakes O.

"The photos are amazing thank you. I have no complaints and the quality is great keep up the good work."

13 Jun 2018 - Willie V.

"Thanks for the photo’s – they are absolutely perfect!! Your service at Photo Frog was outstanding and trouble free!!"

12 Jun 2018 - Laricia S.

"Thank you, all photographs received in good order. Loved the action shots (third time we have ordered photos from you, and everytime a pleasure)."

11 Jun 2018 - Pieter O.

"I did receive my photos thank you!!! Great packaging and even better service!!!"

9 Jun 2018 - Elden W.

"Yes I got them. They're amazing. Thank you soo much for your good correspondence and services."

9 Jun 2018 - Thembisa D.

"I received the photos in good order and they are of the highest quality and they are everything I expected. Thank you so much for your great service 😁"

7 Jun 2018 - Elize V.

"Yes I did receive and downloaded them - thank you so much they look great. It was a really painless process."

7 Jun 2018 - Lize U.

"Ek het my foto's ontvang. Baie dankie vir julle uitstekende diens!!"

7 Jun 2018 - Adele R.

"I received my photos in good order, thank you so much. It was so easy and convenient, i appreciate it so much."

7 Jun 2018 - Olivia D.

"Fantastic service and very well organized. Thank you"

6 Jun 2018 - Wendy C.

"The service provided is as always top notch and so much faster than expected. Thank you"

6 Jun 2018 - Janine C.

"The pictures are stunning and the entire ordering and payment system was extremely easy “painless” J Thanks so much."

5 Jun 2018 - Angelique B.

"Thank you so much! The pictures look great and it was a pleasant surprise to get them so soon. Really happy."

5 Jun 2018 - Henri S.

"Yes thank you I did receive them and they are great. Thank you for the quick and good service"

5 Jun 2018 - Herman D.

"I did manage to download the photo's thank you. I am impressed by the quality thank you! 10/10"

5 Jun 2018 - Izette S.

"Thank you I did receive my photos and they were perfect! The service was exceptional, fast and hassle free! Thanks once again!"

4 Jun 2018 - Cassey-lee P.

"I am in love with my pictures! Service was excellent and quick and I am very happy with the quality of the images. Thank you so much!!"

1 Jun 2018 - Laura D.

"Thanks so much for your message, and YES absolutely satisfied!!! I printed my trainer’s pics for him, and he was delighted. Quality fantastic, and service on point!!! Thanks so much"

31 May 2018 - Warrick S.

"I received them within 5min of ordering. The quality is great. Thank you very much."