Live Testimonial Feed.

We follow up with every customer. This is what they have to say...

3 Aug 2018 - Linda K.

"Wonderful to have this follow up. Such a delight to have integrity of service delivery. I have downloaded and all is great. Thank YOU!"

1 Aug 2018 - Alex M.

"Very efficient service & great quality pictures. Many thanks."

30 Jul 2018 - Van Heerden M.

"Ek is BAIE tevrede. Julle foto's is pragtig en jul diens uitstekend!! Ek sal jul beslis aanbeveel by my vriende. Mooi so."

29 Jul 2018 - Anél T.

"Yes, thank you. The photo quality is excellent! As is the level of service."

29 Jul 2018 - Michal O.

"I managed to download them and i am extremely happy! Thank you so much, i even ordered more photos now!😁"

29 Jul 2018 - Rozelle S.

"Thank you for the great service at Photo Frog. I received the photos they are perfect! "

26 Jul 2018 - Anne-marie E.

"Thank you, everything was 100%. The service was exceptional. I would definitely order again in the near future."

25 Jul 2018 - Charmaine V.

"Thank you I did receive the photos. I am very impressed with the speed and convenience of your ordering process. 😊"

25 Jul 2018 - Janine N.

"Thank you for your quick and excellent service. I have downloaded the photos and am really impressed with the quality."

25 Jul 2018 - Melinda G.

"What a pleasure to order form you. I receive my photos. Thank you very much."

25 Jul 2018 - Eloise S.

"Yes thank you everything is perfect. Great and quick service I love it thank you ! Will definitely make use of it again J !"

24 Jul 2018 - Ulrike F.

"my photo order was delivered very promptly, and I am delighted with the quality of the print! Thank you for excellent service and a beautiful product!"

17 Jul 2018 - Zander W.

"Thank you for taking photos on the day. I have received them and top notch service and quality. Keep up the good work."

17 Jul 2018 - Stephen S.

"Yes all is in order thank you for the great service! Also your photos were incredible, please be at every polo tournament!"

16 Jul 2018 - Anja R.

"Wow awesome service thank you for checking up on my order – all was perfect, really appreciate!"

14 Jul 2018 - Kristy C.

"I'm very happy with my photos and the ease of downloading. I'll definitely keep an eye out for you at future races."

13 Jul 2018 - Talisha S.

"I received my photos yesterday. I am really impressed with them..Thank you."

13 Jul 2018 - Juan C.

"Satisfied for sure !!! Thank you for the fantastic service and the quality of photos. Hope you will be part of other events as well then I at least know I will get my photos, good quality and as you say without pain."

10 Jul 2018 - Taylor B.

"Thank you a mill the photos were perfect & so so beautiful thank you once again !!"

9 Jul 2018 - Debbie C.

"Thank you, perfect, speedy and efficient service. Much appreciated."

9 Jul 2018 - Charlene W.

"Many thanks – we are 100% satisfied – beautiful photos and what an ease in ordering and receiving them! Well done."

9 Jul 2018 - Anastasia M.

"Many thanks. Have received the photographs and all in good order. Excellent service."

7 Jul 2018 - Cornelius N.

"Alles in orde. Baie dankie. Uitstekende diens en baie maklik gewees om te doen."

6 Jul 2018 - Chloé B.

"Yes I received my photos very promptly. I’m very impressed with their quality :)"

2 Jul 2018 - Karen R.

"Thank you for the follow up mail. I did receive the photo’s in good order and the purchasing and download process was very easy."

2 Jul 2018 - Fiona H.

"Downloads received within minutes of ordering! Thank you for a quick & amazingly easy service! Keep up the good work!"

1 Jul 2018 - Liza N.

"I received the photos and they are of the best quality. Thank you."

30 Jun 2018 - Lunilda C.

"I did receive the photos. They are beautiful! Thank you for great service!"

29 Jun 2018 - Margie M.

"I did indeed receive the photo's. Very impressed with your service - so professional!"

28 Jun 2018 - Morare M.

"Thank you I'm very impressed with the picture."