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"I did receive the download links. Thank you very much. The service was excellent! Great job!"

19 Jul 2017 - Ockie S.

"I received my photos and I am 100% happy and satisfied. Thank you for excellent service."

18 Jul 2017 - Salome C.

"Yes I did manage to download all the photos. J I am so impressed by your company’s website and service. I’ve purchased many photos before and the service I received from you guys is by far the best!!!!"

13 Jul 2017 - Jules G.

"Thank-you for your email and professionalism regarding the photos. They were received in perfect order and look much better than what they did on line when order was being done."

10 Jul 2017 - Michele M.

"We are very happy with the prompt service that we received. To top it all it was done on a Sunday evening and really did not expect it all to run so smoothly, purely because it was Sunday and for no other reason. Easy to do as my daughter of 15 did it all herself, all I did was EFT."

10 Jul 2017 - Johann N.

"Yes I received the digital download. I was impressed with the speed and efficiency of your company. The quality of the photo was awesome as well."

8 Jul 2017 - Glen C.

"Many thanks – I received the photos much faster than I thought I would! Also, I had no problems downloading them. Your service is excellent."

6 Jul 2017 - Juliette S.

"Yes, I've received them promptly. I was impressed with the packaging as well. I haven't ordered such items online before but very clever way of packaging as opposed to the standard envelope. Thank you"

6 Jul 2017 - Ahmed J.

"Yes thank you. Got all the pictures! Your service is excellent."

6 Jul 2017 - Ansa M.

"Thanks, I received the photos and I am 100% happy. Impressed with the time span to receive the photos and the convenience of ordering online. Thank you for great service."

4 Jul 2017 - Ronel N.

"Yes thank you so much I am very very happy. Your photos are amazing very excited that you will be at maple ridge as well. Thank you so much"

4 Jul 2017 - Kirsty R.

"Thanks so much photo's received in good order. We are very happy with the quality. I find it especially great that the race is printed on the photo."

3 Jul 2017 - Marius S.

"Yes I did come right thanks. Thanks so much for the great service. Was very impressed. It was the first time I heard of you guys. And will definitely come back after the next races."

1 Jul 2017 - Chris B.

"Photo was downloaded successfully and is of superb quality and already on Facebook. Thankx for the follow up."

30 Jun 2017 - Van Den Bovenkamp D.

"Thank you for the inquiry. I did manage to download the pictures and I'm happy with them. Thank you for good customer service"

30 Jun 2017 - Jan S.

"Yes, I received my pictures and was most impressed with the process. Quick and painless! Excellent work!"

29 Jun 2017 - Edgar K.

"I have received my photos with no problems. Thank you so much for the impeccable service and for getting my order sorted in record time!"

28 Jun 2017 - Shaleigh E.

"Top-notch, thank you very much. All photos downloaded without a hitch and are simply awesome!"

28 Jun 2017 - Santie M.

"Thank you for the speedy service, I received them in awesome quality!"

28 Jun 2017 - Nick S.

"Many thanks – I downloaded them last night. Quick and easy! Many thanks for your good service."

28 Jun 2017 - Hannabe S.

"I got the photos, thank you very much and also thank you for the good fast service, I am impressed."

28 Jun 2017 - Reuben C.


27 Jun 2017 - Sandra G.

"I received the digital photos quick and easy….was the first time I used Photo Frog and what a pleasure – the photos are stunning!!! Thank you very much."

27 Jun 2017 - Minnie L.

"I did receive the images and I love them – thank you SO SO MUCH!!!!!"

27 Jun 2017 - Jodi P.

"Your service is amazing. I got all the photos- thank you"

26 Jun 2017 - Danel V.

"Thank you so much ! I am really impress with the wonderful service! This was really a pleasure to make use of Photofrog and will surely make use of you again ! Thank you my photos are awesome !"

24 Jun 2017 - Sanette W.

"All is in order. Thanks very much! The service was really great. It’s nice that we were able to get the photos so quickly."

22 Jun 2017 - Barbara R.

"Thank you for your email. I did receive my photo's. I am very pleased with the service I received. All went smooth with no hassles at all. It was truly an awesome experience!!!"

22 Jun 2017 - Janine C.

"Thanks so much. It was so easy and effortless to get the pictures. Well done on a great service."

21 Jun 2017 - Maria M.

"I'm more than satisfied with the photos and quality. Thank you so much for the very quick delivery of my order."

21 Jun 2017 - Anelda N.

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